410 reloading


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Please use the same username and password for all areas. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. I was talking to Greythorn3 the other day and he mentioned how expensive his. Most people don't shoot their. As long as you shoot the shells in the same shotgun, you shouldn't need to resize them.

First the disclaimer: Reloading is done at your own risk. If you blow your fingers off, don't point the blame at me. Get a reloading book and stick with the recipes given there or on Hodgdon. Using a small punch, tap out the old primer. Press the hull down onto the new primer until it sits flush.

410 Reloading Supplies

Anything that will fit into the hull, but leaves room for the primer in the middle will work. Be careful not to stretch the hull or it won't chamber properly. Measure the proper amount of powder according to the recipe you chose.Moderator: SShooterZ. Registered users: albanygun, apexclays, Banshee, bgnmi, Bill M.

Posted: Tue Feb 07, pm. If neither of those sites has data for those components it would lead me to believe those components are not useable as a unit in a AAHS hull.

Welcome to SGW, but I must issue a word of warning: "here's what I have" posts with oddball or mismatched components frequently get facepalm replies, and for good reason. There's a lot of things that will fit in a hull and may even go bang without hurting anybody. The components you described may even be some of them, but obviously the folks that make the powder and sell the wads aren't willing to step off the porch and give you the OK.

Myself, I dabble arround with a bit of experimenting from time to time, calculated risks! I do mean calculated! I have a list of things I research before I go making any decisions on traveling uncharted waters. I'll not go into any right this minute, other than to say I've looked at the stump wads and have rejected them as not being suitable for use in any of my experiments for various reasons. Not the least of which is BPI and lack of any comparable wad data, from anyone.

No more than a bag of Claybuster wads cost for the AAHS hulls, get yourself a bag and load some shells.

Homemade .410 Reloading Kit

You'll be glad you did. Posted: Wed Feb 08, am. IC is a very good choice for skeet in a. I use it all the time for my second shot. Got to, that's what by bottom barrel is. I had Briley fit thin choke tubes in the top barrel that was Full. I'd bet if I took the choke out of the top barrel it too would be the IC, not the skeet. Sure, you have to be right on them, you have to be with a. I've got a twin to my. I've no idea how many straights I've run with that combination too. Fret not about the IC on the Skeet range.

Take my advise, get the red Claybuster wads and I prefer and just concentrate on being on'em. Do not worry about the choke or the fact that you are shooting a. It takes a lot of Golden 9s to break a rock. Better to just center them and don't rely on luck!

I read somewhere that when Remington makes barrels for and s they are all choked the same whether they will go on skeet guns or field guns.Discussion in ' Uncategorized Threads ' started by MarkcpJul 13, Log in or Sign up. Trap Shooters Forum. Recently members have been receiving an email about confirming their account.

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Attention: We have put together a thread with tips and a tutorial video to help with using the new software. Please take a moment to check out the thread here: Trapshooters. Reloading Data for. Previous Thread Next Thread. Joined: Jan 29, Messages: I decided to purchase a MEC in to sit alongside my in 12 gauge. I currently use X, Winchester 's claybusters and 12 gauge AA hulls for my one ounce trap loads. My 4th edition Lyman reloading handbook doesn't show a recipe using the x powder for the smaller.

Does anyone know of a good recipes for 2. I would like to keep my componets simple. I will be using the. Thanks everyone, Mark. MarkcpJul 13, Remove Advertisement. I have looked in my reloading book and also some reloading web pages and I do not see X listed as a componet in the.


I just wanted to get the correct bushing to go with X if that was in anyones recipes. And yes I do use a scale. Use 15 grains of H or A guide to self reliant living. Tuning the Ruger Charger Pistol. Survival Reloading.

Manna Meals. Medical, health. Kerosene heaters and cookers. Wood cooking and heating. Essential Tools. Home built items. Electrical; generators and power. War preparedness. But I will not delete the information below because you may have to make your own in the future.

410 reloading

See below for more information from a reader of this page. Long term reloading of. That requires more knowledge and skill, but the brass cases will last virtually forever. Extremely sturdy brass cases can be made from. First the empty cases should be annealed, then fireformed with 8. The Cream of Wheat will blow the case walls straight, including the shoulder and neck, resulting in a straight sided all brass case.

For reference, the base diameter of factory. The base diameter of the. The rim diameter is smaller with the.

410 reloading

The 9. The rim thickness headspace of the 9. Obviously we're only talking a few hundreds or thousands of an inch differences here, but it is a complication not taken with abandon. Let me digress a little. By now you are wondering why the cases mentioned above all have essentially the same base diameter. The reason is the cost of the draw dies when the cases were designed and originally manufactured. Inwhen the. When development work was underway in the early 's on the.

Then in came the. In the finishing process, of course, rims of different diameter and thickness could turned, so the.My first "store-boughten" reloading equipment was an ancient Lee Loader for the three inch. I bought it inso long ago that it came in a solid red box and cost only about six dollars.

It was worth every penny. For anyone who might not remember the cornerstone on which the Lee reloading business was built, the original Lee Loader was a small boxed set of hand held tools with which you could load shotgun shells on a table top.

The set consisted of a rammer, body, decapper, capper, shot measure and powder measure. The three inch. The powder measure, made of aluminum, not plastic, by the way, dipped 16 grains ofa charge intended for paper and fiber wads in paper cases. I usually kept about three or four boxes of mixed paper. During the week, I reloaded all my.

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On Sunday morning, I reloaded them all again and repeated the process. I would guess that I loaded to shells each week with the little Lee Loader.

The Best .410 Reloading Press for the Money

I continued this practice for about a year, and, allowing for replacing worn out shells with new ones about once a month, I probably loaded about 5, shells with the little Lee Loader. I shot nearly all of these shells through a little Mossberg bolt-action.

Reloading components for the. I could find. At first, I made them by thinly slicing. One day I noticed that the three hole punch in my office made nearly a. I experimented with shirt cardboards, if anyone remembers what those are, and found that the three hole punch made very passable "B" cards.

The old Lee Loader worked very well with the paper shells, even roll crimping the case mouth. The only weakness I noted was that they did not resize the brass, but this rarely proved a problem in my bolt-action shotgun. Let me rephrase that: I got more suitable guns and reloaders, but probably not better ones.Prep Updates: Bring on the Snow.

Dec There is a day coming when this sort of equipment and the experience to go with it will be worth its weight in gold. It was time to get started. This might be just the thing to keep me out from under foot of my wife.

Anyway, back to where I was going with this. I have two shotguns, a Stevens bolt-actionand an Iver Johnson break-open. The way I cured this was to thin the rim of the brass from the base of the shell.

I will leave it up to you on how to hold the drill and file at the same time. Remember that you are making the rim thinner…not cutting the groove deeper. Take off a little bit…then try the cartridge in your firearm until you can close the action.

You may not need to do this if you can close your action, so try your brass first. Something that I should have mentioned at the start…do this with empty brass…not a fully loaded cartridge. You would be surprised at what some people will do. A note of caution here: it is easy to double charge with Unique powder so pay attention to what you are doing.

The load that I came up with is 10 grains of Unique powder using a plastic shotgun wad. Next, I used my seating die to roll the end of the cartridge a bit so that the shot stayed in place…until I could seal it with a hot glue gun.

Try not to force the hot glue too far in the mouth of the cartridge. Let the glue cool and then trim off the excess. You are now ready to try the load out. After you fire this shell the first time…you will not be able to roll the end of the cartridge or punch out spent primer in the die due to the fact that cartridge has expanded some.

The Marlin case is slightly smaller in diameter then the Order by:. Available to:. Spindex Star Crimp - Bore 6 Point.

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Ponsness Warren B. I have too many loaders. Most of them are hydraulic and I don't need this one. Primer Tray works but needs to be replaced. Easy to convert to electric or hydraulic. Powder bushings: A. New in Package. Mec Jr. Lyman Cast Bullet Sizing Die. It is unused. Please email if you have questions before bidding. Payment is due A non-paying bidder is filed as soon as eBay allows. If there is a problem please contact me. I am considerate when there is prompt communication.

Communication is critical. I always promptly leave positive feedback for those who pay on time. I only accept Paypal. Upon receiving payment I will send this item to you immediately.

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I aim for five star services. And we'll find a solution. By placing a bid you represent that you agree to these terms and conditions. All sales are final.

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Mec Collet resize brass Mec reloaders Super sizer 12,20,16,28,10 Ga. Mec Deprime Punch - Gauge Mec Reprime Punch- Gauge.

410 reloading

Super sizer,sizemaster. Mec wad finger upgrade Replaces discontiued orange wad finger All Ga. ShotShell Reloading Crimp Tool 20 gauge, zn Calibration gage ring GA caliber. Roll crimper for slug cartridges GA. Mark V Ga. MEC Shotshell Checker.

Mec Finish Crimp Die 20 Ga. Lee Precision. Lyman Top Punch for.

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